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02/25/2020 - FlexDraft Version 2020.01 released. FlexDraft version 2020.01 is a minor but important update. The only significant substantive update is the new Digital Assets provision. But it also enables valid license expiration dates beyond 2020, so this update must be installed before activating your 2020 license renewal.

08/27/2019 - FlexDraft Version 2019.01a released. FlexDraft version 2019.01a corrects an oversight in version 2019.01, as described in the built-in "Updates" Resource in the FlexDraft program.

08/21/2019 - FlexDraft Version 2019.01 released. FlexDraft version 2019.01 is a minor update, including minor enhancements and typo & glitch fixes, all of which are detailed in the built-in "Updates" Resource in the FlexDraft program.

03/21/2018 - FlexDraft Version 2018.03 released. FlexDraft version 2018.03 is a minor update, including Word 2016 pagination improvement, and typo & glitch fixes, all of which are detailed in the built-in "Updates" Resource in the FlexDraft program.

02/22/2018 - FlexDraft Version 2018.02 released. FlexDraft version 2018.02 is a significant update. The revisions, all of which are detailed in the built-in "Updates" Resource in the FlexDraft program, include the following:

  • Substantial revision & improvement of personal effects gifts, especially in joint settlor revocable trusts.  Mandatory personal effects memos are now operative for both the Deceased Spouse and the Surviving Spouse; language has been refined; and more.
  • Joint settlor revocable trusts, disposition on the Deceased Spouse's death refined and fixed.  "Trail-off" (incomplete) language when certain atypical (dis-allowed) choices were selected has been fixed (and dis-allowed options are no longer presented in the dialog). 
  • Other misc. revisions.

02/01/2018 - FlexDraft Version 2018.01 released. FlexDraft version 2018.01 is a minor update, including typo fixes and other misc. revisions, all of which are detailed in the built-in "Updates" Resource in the FlexDraft program.

10/04/2017 - FlexDraft Version 2017.02 released. FlexDraft version 2017.01 is a minor to medium update, including:

  • 2017 legislative changes to powers of attorney incorporated. The Statutory Power of Attorney form and the Medical Power of Attorney form now incorporate the 2015 legislative updates.
  • Inflation adjusted tax numbers updated through 2018.
  • Other misc. revisions, all of which are detailed in the built-in "Updates" Resource in the FlexDraft program.

08/08/2017 - FlexDraft Version 2017.01 released. FlexDraft version 2017.01 is a relatively minor updateincluding:

  • Substantial revision and simplification of the Contingent Trust Termination, Distribution To Descendants subsection.
  • Other misc. fixes, all of which are detailed in the built-in "Updates" Resource in the FlexDraft program.

12/06/2016 - FlexDraft Version 2016.01 released. FlexDraft version 2016.01 is a minor to medium update, including:

  • What should be the final few fixes to client pronouns in joint trusts for same sex couples.
  • Elimination of an obsolete reference to the state death tax credit in the marital deduction/ tax free amount formulas.
  • Addition of the option to include the personal residence/ residential homestead maintenance & expenses clause & occupancy right clause in irrevocable trusts.
  • Other misc. fixes, all of which are detailed in the built-in "Updates" Resource in the FlexDraft program..

11/17/2015 - FlexDraft Version 2015.04 released. FlexDraft version 2015.04 is a minor update, including just some fixes to client pronoun typos in joint trusts for same sex couples:  In ver. 2015.03, some "his/her" references used the wrong gender ("her" for a male couple, "his" for a female couple); and some others used "him" when "his" was correct.

10/29/2015 - FlexDraft Version 2015.03 released. FlexDraft version 2015.03 is an important update in two respects:

  • Same sex couples now supported.  Joint, married couple clients of the same gender are now supported throughout FlexDraft (in Wills, trusts, ancillary documents, as well as letters and memos).
  • 2015 legislative changes incorporated.  Although there was not much, if any, substantive legislation pertaining to Wills, trusts and ancillary documents in the 2015 session, there were various non-substantive revisions which are now incorporated in FlexDraft, e.g.: the definition of "children" in Wills and trusts now explicitly requires that a posthumous child have been in gestation prior to the parent's death; self-proving affidavits & 1-step execution & proofs in Wills and Declarations of Guardians now use the present tense; and wording regarding "artificially administered nutrition & hydration" and witness rules has been refined in Directives to Physicians.

In addition to the above, Statutory & Long Form Financial Powers of Attorney now include the option to specify (in the principal's signature block) that the document is "signed ... in the lawoffice of <your firm name>" in order to deal with the so-called Norwood problem; and a few minor wording & grammar errors have been fixed.  All updates, including the preceding, are detailed in the built-in "Updates" Resource in the FlexDraft program.

03/26/2015 - FlexDraft Version 2015.02 released. FlexDraft version 2015.02 is arguably a minor update, in that it includes less than half a dozen items, and arguably a major update, in that it includes a new "Digital Resources" provision and an important glitch fix:  FlexDraft now includes new language allowing the personal effects memos to be typewritten.  The 2015.01 version incorrectly included that language in all documents with the "mandatory" personal effects memo option, including Wills, which is not appropriate.  Version 2015.02 allows typewritten personal effects memos in revocable trusts only, as originally intended.  All updates, including the preceding, are detailed in the built-in "Updates" Resource in the FlexDraft program.

02/22/2015 - FlexDraft Version 2015.01 released. FlexDraft version 2015.01 is somwhere in between a minor and major update, including various refinements, some additional drafting options & a few corrections to prior versions, all of which are detailed in the built-in "Updates" Resource in the FlexDraft program.

02/06/2014 - FlexDraft Version 2014.01 released. FlexDraft version 2014.01 is a minor update, including just a few refinements & corrections to the 2013.01 release, all of which are detailed in the built-in "Updates" Resource in the FlexDraft program.

11/22/2013 - FlexDraft Version 2013.01 released. FlexDraft version 2013.01 is a major update, incorporating the new Texas Estates Code and other legislative changes from the 2013 session and various enhancements, all of which are detailed in the built-in "Updates" Resource in the FlexDraft program. In order to avoid delaying the release they are not enumerated here.

05/24/2012 - FlexDraft Version 2012.02 released. FlexDraft version 2012.02 is a very minor update with only one notable revision:  In Declarations of Guardian (both those for children and those for oneself) that utilize the new "one-step" execution option, the year of execution is no longer formatted with a coma (i.e., it now reads "2012" instead of "2,012").

05/01/2012 - FlexDraft Version 2012.01 released. FlexDraft version 2012.01 is a something in between a minor update and a major update.  It does not include any fundamental or sweeping substantive revisions but it does include numerous "efficiency refinements"; including enhancements to the FlexDraft interface that make the program easier to use, and revisions to the documents that facilitate faster signing conferences, including the following.

  • Improved Compatibility with Virtually All "Professional" Windows Editions via "XP Mode".  Although not really a revision to the FlexDraft program, improvements to "XP Mode" and "Virtual PC" appear to have virtually eliminated Windows compatibility issues that have plagued FlexDraft and other "16-bit apps" since the release of Windows Vista and Windows 7.  With only limited exceptions, so long as you have a Professional Edition of Windows, you should be able to run FlexDraft.  This issue is discussed in detail on the FAQs Page.  (Windows, XP Mode, Virtual PC, etc. are all Trademarks and/or Registered Trademarks of Microsoft and/or its affiliates.)
  • More Efficient Document Executions.  Refinements have been made to take advantage of Texas legislative updates facilitating quicker, simpler signing ceremonies, including the following:
    • "1-Step" execution (in which the signature provisions and the self-proving affidavit are combined, so that the testator / declarant and witnesses can validly execute and "self prove" a document with a single signature) is now an available option for:
      • Wills,
      • Declarations of Guardian for Children, and
      • Declarations of Guardian for Oneself ("Before Need Arises")
    • Proof by Notary (in which the document is validated by a notary instead of by two disinterested witnesses) in now an available option for:
      • Medical Powers of Attorney, and
      • Directives to Physicians.
  • Improved FlexDraft Program Efficiency.  
    • Numerous frame displays have been enhanced to make dialogues more intuitive & easier to use, & to reduce errors (this work in progress will continue over several releases).  For example:
      • Number field boxes are widened & the contents are centered to facilitate easier cursor placement & editing.
      • Conditional fields (e.g., fields that are relevant & available only on certain conditions) whose conditions are not satisfied are now visible & grayed out (inactive) instead of being hidden.  For example, previously, until the home & business distribution option was selected, the fields to specify the recipients of those distributions were hidden; now those fields are always visible albeit greyed out until the home & business distribution option is selected.
      • Similar Frames in different dialogues are beginning to be more standardized (e.g., frames for: names & addresses, formatting, signing details, & executor/trustee/agent appointments).
    • Document Summary (included in all documents prepared in WP/6.0 format) enhanced to include (i) warnings if the FlexDraft Setup or Client Information dialogues are Unanswered, and (ii) the name of the user who drafted the document
    • "List Frames" display (activated from the "Go To Frame" button); its format has been improved for easier navigation.
  • Will & Trust Revisions.  Various refinements have been made to Wills and Trusts, including the following:
    • "Shall/May" Principal Distribution Option in Marital Trusts:  Users have the option to specify either that discretionary principal distributions from a marital trust "shall" be made (the traditional approach) or "may" be made (often better where creditor claims are a concern). 
    • Other miscellaneous revisions to the "boilerplate" (all detailed in the built-in "Updates" Resource in the FlexDraft program).

06/03/2011 - FlexDraft Version 2011.02 released. FlexDraft version 2011.02 is a minor update, including just a few refinements & corrections to the 2011.01 release:

  • Word processor refinements.  
    • FlexDraft Setup program now uses Word 6.0 or WordPerfect 6.0 as the default Word/WordPerfect Word Processor, with "WPStart.bat" as the default "Path Name" (in word processor preferences) when it can't find a supported word processor.
    • The WordPerfect 5.1 (DOS) file format is now officially obsolete, replaced by WordPerfect 6.0 as the proper "Export File Format" for use with all versions of WordPerfect.
    • Warning for invalid Word Processor "Export File Type" added to Draft Documents frame, with instructions for setting "standard" word processor preferences.
  • Misc. revisions to Resource ("help") frames.
  • Current annual exclusion amount reference (in irrevocable trusts) updated from $12,000 to $13,000.  

05/01/2011 - FlexDraft Version 2011.01 released. FlexDraft version 2011.01 is a major update, including substantive additions and improvements, enhanced formatting and word processor support options:

  • Professional Edition now available. At long last, the Professional Edition is now available.  The Professional Edition includes all features of the Standard Edition but adds:
    • Client letters (proposed drafts & finals - "exit" - letters);
    • Client memos (beneficiary designation recommendations & personal effects memo instructions); and
    • Trust "exit" memos (funding & administration "how to" instructions for irrevocable trusts).
    These documents were previously visible but grayed out & unavailable (and remain so in the Standard and Express Editions).
  • Enhanced and simplified FlexDraft interface.  In short, FlexDraft is easier to use.  
    • In various instances, frames and steps have been eliminated (e.g., the "Gatekeeper" frame is gone).
    • Frames have been refined and/or standardized (e.g., the various name & address frames are more consistent).
    • Procedures are now more intuitive (e.g., the procedure for overriding standard "default" document formatting for a specific client is simpler, and client-override formatting can now be removed - & standard formatting applied - with only a couple of mouse clicks).  
    • Explanatory "Resources" and warnings have been added (e.g., warning regarding no Contest Clause -- unenforceable if contest brought w/ probable cause & in good faith -- and caution regarding Quik-Clone Wills when cloning is not recommended).
    • The program also has a new color scheme and revised button layout which, I hope, will make it visually easier to work with.

  • Licensing & activation restructured.  The entire licensing and activation process has been restructured.
    • Expired free trials can now be extended automatically for 15 days.  
    • The Activation Key for a full license now incorporates the expiration date; i.e., FlexDraft licenses will no longer function after they've expired.  However:
      • Expired licenses can be reactivated automatically for 30 days via the built-in 1-time grace period, thus ensuring ample opportunity to purchase a license renewal without interrupting your access to FlexDraft.
      • If, for whatever reason, it is not possible to acquire a license renewal, any expired but otherwise valid FlexDraft license can be converted to a "Legacy" license:  Legacy licenses never expire but can only be used with FlexDraft versions released before the expiration date of the underlying license.

  • ALL versions of WordPerfect now supported fully.  FlexDraft can now send documents directly to any version of WordPerfect.  (FlexDraft documents have always been compatible with all versions of WordPerfect, but prior versions of FlexDraft were not always able to send documents directly to the latest versions of WordPerfect.  Instead, users had to instruct FlexDraft to save documents as WordPerfect files then open those documents from Windows or WordPerfect.  This limitation has been eliminated.)

  • Enhanced WordPerfect formatting with WP/6.0 "Export File Format".   FlexDraft now uses the WP/6.0 (WordPerfect 6/...X15) file format for WordPerfect documents.  As a result, FlexDraft has enhanced formatting control (e.g., FlexDraft now controls the "base font" for it's documents); formatting quirks that began with WordPerfect X13 are no longer a problem (e.g., automatic paragraph numbers now retain their proper format in when the document is opened in WP version X13 and later versions); and setup is simpler (e.g., it is no longer necessary to conform your WordPerfect "Initial Codes" with FlexDraft's format settings).  

  • Enhanced Microsoft Word formatting.  FlexDraft has improved formatting abilities when using Word as your word processor (e.g., more precise control of "keep together" and "keep with following" formatting, improved header & footer formatting, & elimination of excess "section breaks").  However, there are still some authorities Word refuses to relinquish (e.g., Word, not FlexDraft, still controls the base font for documents, and it is still necessary to import and apply a FlexDraft numbering "Scheme" into Word and then apply that numbering Scheme to FlexDraft documents once they're opened in Word).  The setup instructions in the Getting Started Manual now include step-by-step instructions with screen shots for setting up Word Vista/Word 10.
  • Substantive revisions. Version 2011.01 focuses on technical & other non substantive revisions and on the release of the Professional Edition; however, a few substantive revisions are also included, as follows (for a detailed listing of specific revisions, see the "Updates" Resources in the FlexDraft program):
    • "Interested Trustee" & "Insurance Trustee" Sections (a/k/a, "Upjohn" clauses), language refined and optional versions added ("Wall", "liberal 95-58" and "strict 95-58").
    • Plan Benefits Trusts; language refined to better conform to regulations.

12/31/2008 - FlexDraft Version 2008.02 released. FlexDraft version 2008.02 is a service release with only minor revisions.  Details are included in the "Updates" Resources for this version.

12/01/2008 - FlexDraft Version 2008.01 released. FlexDraft version 2008.01, like prior updates, includes substantive additions and improvements as well as enhanced formatting and word processor support options:

  • Full WordPerfect support through WordPerfect X3. (Documents prepared by FlexDraft v. 2008.01 are fully compatible with WordPerfect X4 with only one limitation: FlexDraft is able to directly open documents in WordPerfect X3 and earlier versions only.) 
  • Full Microsoft Word through Word Vista. 
  • New "Max" Powers of Appointment ("ANY individual or entity") added to Marital, Bypass, Child's, Grandchild's, and Descendant's Trusts.

  • Improved & expanded "Beneficiary Serving as Trustee" section more clearly applies to all beneficially interested trustees; optional "Rev Rul 95-58 Compliant Version" added as alternative to standard "Wall" version.

  • Offset authority added to "Form of Payment To Beneficiaries".

  • "Homestead Maintenance And Expenses" subsection (facilitating, e.g.,enhanced income tax deduction of property taxes) added to the "Personal Effects; Personal Residence" section.

06/30/2006 - FlexDraft Version 2006.01 released. FlexDraft version 2006.01includes substantial substantive updates, new features to make drafting faster and more accurate, enhanced formatting options, and additional support for Word (through version 2003) and Word Perfect (through version 12).  Version 2006.01 updates include the following (for more details, see the Updates resource within the FlexDraft program):

  • New "Quick-Clone" option for instant "mirror image" Wills.  Once you've prepared a Will for the first spouse, you can prepare a mirror image Will for the second spouse in about 10 seconds using the new "Quick-Clone" feature.  Quick-Cloning works even if the spouses have different children and/or name each other in fiduciary appointments.

  • New HIPAA Authorization.  A HIPAA Authorization is now included in the Ancillary documents.

  • Improved Word Support.  FlexDraft now includes a dozen new "Numbering Scheme" documents, each reflecting a different mix of heading formats and document layouts.  You can import any Numbering Scheme into Microsoft Word with less than 10 mouse clicks.  From then on, you can apply the imported Scheme to new FlexDraft documents with only 4 mouse clicks.
  • Improved Word Perfect Support.  Word Perfect users can now specify Arial or Roman typeface, font size, left or full justification, and more -- all from within FlexDraft.

  • New Trust Code Provisions Addressed.  Numerous substantive revisions to Will and trust language incorporate and/or address the Texas Legislature's recent amendments to the Texas Trust Code.

12/01/2004 - FlexDraft Version 2004.02 released. FlexDraft version 2004.02 incorporates enhancements and refinements to version 2004.01, including the following (for more details, see the Updates resource within the FlexDraft program):

  • Explanatory "Resources" Improved. Improved discussions of: UPIA "Activation"; Revocable Trust Declarations v. Revocable Trust Agreements; availability and role of separate share trusts in joint trusts; and others.

  • Improved Word and Word Perfect Support.Cross reference "glitches" fixed; miscellaneous formatting improvements.

09/01/2004 - FlexDraft Version 2004.01 released. FlexDraft version 2004.01 implements Texas' new Uniform Prudent Investor Act, adds improved formatting control and introduces the "Wording Preferences" option to FlexDraft that will give you greater control over the specific wording in your documents. Here's a quick summary. (For a detailed list see Specific FlexDraft Updates below.)

  • UPIA Implemented

    • "Prudent Investor" Rule. The new "Prudent Investor" rule allows investments is all assets and generally requires diversification unless the governing instrument provides otherwise.

    • Fiduciary Liability. Consistent with UPIA's focus on the duties of fiduciaries, fiduciary liability is now addressed by limiting duties rather than by limiting liability for breech of duties.

    • Duties at Inception of Trust. The fiduciary's duties at the inception of an estate or trust are now clearly spelled out.
  • Improved Word and Word Perfect Support

    • WordPerfect 11. FlexDraft now integrates seamlessly with all versions of WordPerfect up through version 11. (FlexDraft documents are 100% compatible with WordPerfect version 12; the only limitation is that FlexDraft cannot send documents directly to -- and launch -- WordPerfect 12)

    • Word 2003. FlexDraft now integrates seamlessly with all versions of Word up through version 2003.

  • Other Improvements

    • "Wording Preferences" and "Default Answers". FlexDraft continues to increase your ability to customize both the drafting process and the finish product, by allowing you to set default answers for certain drafting decisions (such as whether to include additional options in the medical Directive) and to revise "standard" language (such as the list of personal effects).

    • Improved User Interface. Numerous aspects of the FlexDraft user interface have been refined to reduce errors and facilitate quick, accurate drafting (e.g., QuikPics have been expanded to cover cash gifts).

06/01/2003 - FlexDraft Version 2003.01 released. FlexDraft version 2003.01 provides improved formatting control and enhancements to the user interface, including the following. (For a detailed list see Specific FlexDraft Updates below.)

  • Advanced Formatting Control

    • True Headings. Optionally, any headings in Wills and trusts (Article, Section, Subsection, and Paragraph) may be formatted as separate paragraphs from the text following them (i.e., as "true headings").

    • Outline Layout. Wills and trusts may be formatted in outline layout (i.e., heading numbers are "negative indented" or "hanging indented" aligned to the left of heading captions and document text). FlexDraft's original "Standard" layout is still available.

    • Paragraph and Heading Spacing. Spacing between all paragraphs, as well as spacing before and after each level of headings, may be specifically controlled.

    • Microsoft WORD Heading "Styles." As separate paragraphs, True Headings with automatic paragraph numbering are instantly converted into the appropriate Heading Style paragraphs, opening up the full power of WORD's heading style capabilities. (To enable this feature, simply format your outline numbering levels 1 through 4 to be linked to the styles for heading levels 1 through 4, respectively.)

  • Improved Interface reduces errors. Suspicious birthdates trigger a warning, and impossible "20xx" birthdates trigger a warning and can be automatically converted to "19xx" birthdates. Unanswered frames trigger warnings. Redundant guardian appointments in a Will and a Declaration of Guardian trigger a warning.

  • An optional Change of Situs clause is now available in Wills and trusts.

  • An optional "Agent to Decide" clause is now available as a third choice in the Directive to Physicians ("Living Will").
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11/01/2002 - FlexDraft Version 2002.02 released. FlexDraft version 2003.01 provides numerous improvements benefiting both current and new users, including:

  • More and Improved "Resources". FlexDraft's on-line "Resources" provide context sensitive help and legal commentary for specific questions and options throughout the system. Numerous new Resources have been added and many existing Resources have been improved.

  • Numerous technical refinements to both the FlexDraft program and the Installer program.
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06/10/2002 - FlexDraft Version 2002.01 released., FlexDraft version 2003.01 provides many technical improvements, including the following:

  • Improved WORD and WordPerfect Support from CAPS. CAPSoft Development recently released version 3.5 of CAPS User (a/k/a "WinCaps"), the run time "engine" used by FlexDraft. With the release of version 3.5, WinCaps and FlexDraft support WordPerfect 2000 and WordPerfect 2002, and WORD 2000 and WORD XP. The WinCaps 3.5 upgrade is provided free to all licensed users.

  • Simpler, More Advanced Setup. With its improved Setup Program, FlexDraft 2002.01 provides automatic detection and setup of WordPerfect and/or WORD, completely eliminating the need to manually set your Word Processor Preferences in WinCaps.

  • 100% On Line Delivery and Upgrade. For several months, the FlexDraft web site has provided on line updates to all licensed users. It now supports on line delivery of the FlexDraft Setup Program to new customers.
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Specific FlexDraft Updates
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